Public Speaking

Over time Ellen has developed excellent training, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills, and the ability to deliver information in a meaningful and engaging way. With personal experience and awareness of how inclusion and independent living has benefited her and others in her situation, Ellen is passionate about raising awareness of issues and attitudes to disability.

As a public speaker and workshop leader Ellen has delivered to a wide and varied range of organisations, institutions and groups, from universities, government departments and vulnerable adults, to audiences of eight hundred.

Relaxed, confident with a warm sense of humour she has a delivery that is engaging, entertaining and by example challenges the common perceptions towards people with learning difficulties.

Ellen has combined her passion for championing a change in attitude to learning diasbled people with her artisitc talent as poet, writer and actor and co-wrote and devised a The Princess of the Graveyard Palace which has recently completed the second stage research and development.  Through drama, music and movement the cast takes the audience through a journey  exploring attitudes to disabiity through the centuries.