Princess Of The Graveyard.  R & D Phase 2

What People of Have Said

Annie Smol – Artistic Director Face Front Inclusive Theatre. 27.2.14

I was impressed with the way the show has progressed since the first R + D and would highly recommend that it is developed into a full production so that audiences’ can enjoy and learn from the creators.

The episodes chosen to show about the history of social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination were very interesting and clearly reveal that this is not a recent phenomenon. The juxtaposition of the three stories (the princess, the lecturer and Gladys/Mabel) also reveal the more recent human consequences of this discrimination. The quality of the research was high and a valuable tool in terms of raising awareness and interest in the subject matter.

The movement element worked well and I am interested to see how this will develop. I particularly liked the Princess and her father and friend ‘breathing together’ and the linking of the wedding with the function room at the former institution. I also think that Ellen is strong with words and poetry, so perhaps she could add some words or song that would also help with description for a blind audience.

I did not find the play overtly political or propaganda-ish, – you are not telling us what to think or feel, merely presenting the information – that’s a strength of the work for me. I think this is brave thing to do, since much theatre attempts to steer the audience to what they want them to think. The different layers of theatrical material, enables the audience to interpret the subject matter itself.

Exploring all the material further and developing it for production is the next logical step for this piece of work – it is an intriguing and exciting work that clearly captures an audience’s imagination and encourages them to think about why, in this day and age, we still exclude some people from happiness, and from life itself. The finished play is sure to be an extremely powerful piece of work